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Today is World Suicide Prevention Day
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We can feel so devoid of hope, so empty, so powerless. We can feel so overwhelmed with emotional pain that the only way out seems to be to take our own lives. We can feel so alone, and yet this is when we need someone more than ever. This is when we need the courage to reach out to someone or for someone to reach out to us and just talk.

The Psychological Society of Ireland have some vital advice. You can access their articlehere. I am posting a section of it below.

If you are feeling suicidal it is likely that you have reached a desperate situation where suicide seems like the only option left to you to deal with your circumstances and your pain.

Today is World Suicide Prevention Day

Today, the 10th of September, 2012, is World Suicide Prevention Day. I have had a number of clients who have seriously considered killing themselves because they felt unable to cope with emotional issues or saw no point in living (suicide ideation). Some have thought that their partner, or the world, would be better off if they were dead. I am relieved and amazed at how easily we were able to move away from that hopeless position by talking.

Many people feel isolated, alone, with no one to share their burden - maybe feeling no one can understand.

My approach to counselling

I see Counselling as a personal encounter between myself as a therapist and my client where we work together to deal with issues of concern. Those issues may be of psychological pain or a desire for personal growth. 

I have worked with clients experiencing various degrees of anxiety. From being so overcome, carrying such a heavy burden that they were unable to function to being anxious about a decision.

What is a professional counsellor? 

A professional counsellor is trained in knowledge, skills and professional discipline needed to help a client.
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